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Christopher P. Walker Foundation Board of Directors 
President - Todd Venturini
Past President - Randy High Jr
Vice President - Guy Miligi
Secretary - Emilie VonRotz
Treasurer - Brian Conner, CPA
Counsel - Matthew Friedrich, Esq.

Jean Walker Lowell
Brian Argain
Pinder Basi
Kara Bogetti

Timothy Coleman
Velma Farinha
Mary Elizabeth Gallo
Tisha Venturini Hoch
Becky Jones
Guy Miligi
Ken Miller
Michelle Murphy Pauletto
Erik Quisling
Arinn Testa, PsyD.
Art Wetzel
Mike West

Todd Venturini 

   Tax ID# 77-0579441
Due to privacy concerns, we are not at liberty to display pictures of the children at Cricket's House